Netherlands Flower Showcase

March 23, 2020

Today's blog post is about the flower showroom in Netherlands.In the beginning, we will go thought the reason why we choose to go to the event and the things happen during the event.

Before we go to Netherlands, we have sent out all the sample of the display to the designer and he need to do a temporary set up. We used the most easiest way to do it and we only have  2 weeks to finish the set up because we got the limited with our budget.  So far it was all good until we arrived to Netherlands.

So when we arrived to the warehouse, we did some simple decorations for the showroom, we found some vase, mase wire and some sample we brought from Hong Kong for the furnishing.

At the same time, we have invited a lot of guest to our event and they feel like we did a enterprising things. At the beginning we have made a concern that how many guest we invited would be here because all of our client were come from the rest of the Euro, for them that's a long way to come to Netherlands and they have to take around 3 to 4 hours for a single way to here. So we really want to appreciate all the guest who came to our event and we also feel suffice that for our guest's feedback.

Lastly, we would like to appreciate to all the people who been helping us for the event, specially the designer and our colleague. We really enjoy the process and we looking forward to organising more in the coming days.