Showroom Pre-Season Changes

January 3, 2020

Introduction Of Showroom

Today we are here in the NC Gardens office to follow up the progress of setting up the showroom and do a basic introduction about the showroom. NC Gardens, which have been running up over 15 years. Our head office and showroom are located in Hong Kong and we have got different collection from different season.

In our showroom, we got 7000sqft for different individual area for artificial flowers with particular section.The greenery from the photo above is one of the example about the area of our showroom.

The showroom have been setting up for more than a week for the coming up collection, everyone was working hard from their individual section with cooperation. For example, setting up the colour board for the flowers to create the contrast between the colour, setting up the lights to bring the warm lighting for the flowers to make it more sharp.

Also they need to place up a lot of pots, plants, ornaments to make up the showroom, to bring up the disparate feeling in different section of the showroom. it’s take quite lot of time because it’s a part of interior design.

The flowers inside the boxes were waiting for the workers to set up in the showroom, as you can see there are huge amount of boxes need to separate. 

Pinky clematis with light green colour background and the contrast of the light and shadow created the coloristic way.

From every individual section in the showroom, we got more than 5 different types of flower with disparate colours. Every single section had designed by the designing team including the colouring background, the layout between every single flower,the angle and the layout of the lighting.